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I  am retired high school teacher, (although I still undertake relief teaching if required), I now reside in Western Australia with my wife Irene, with our son Phil and his family close by; wife Melissa and grandchildren Isaac and Jarvis.


Born in Leicester, England in 1946, educated at Marriot Road Junior School and Linwood Secondary School in Leicester, I am an avid Leicester City supporter and a pathetic golfer. I go to the pool twice a week, play golf at least once a week and in between I work on my Free Teacher Resources Web site, and on this Free Soccer Coaching web site.


Peter J Faulks  

BA Soc Sci. Grad Dip Ed, WACOT, (West Australian College of Teachers), FASSA (Fellow Australian Society of Sports Administrators)




About The Soccer Coaches Handbook.






1967 After being hospitalised after a sports injury I took on the role of coaching my local Leicester Sunday League soccer team and that year we won the league championship for our division, Granby Old Boys (Leicester Sunday League) League Champions Div 11.


1968 The following year having moved up several divisions we again won the division championship 1968 League Champions Div 4




1969 I emigrated to Australia


1970  I played for SMA Soccer Club (Perth, WA), (Semi-Professional WA Soccer Association Division 3)


1971  Returned to Leicester UK


1972  I played for Aylestone Park (Leicester UK Sunday League Div 1)


1973  Returned to Perth Western Australia


1973 I was a paid soccer coach at the West Australian Institute of Technology.


(I was studying at the time for a Bachelor of Arts Social Sciences Degree)


1974 Player Coach Windsor Athletic Soccer Club (Amateur Premier League) (Perth, WA)


1975 I coached Windsor Athletic Soccer Club (Amateur Premier League) (Perth, WA)


1976 I conducted Level 1 Coaching Badge courses for the WA Soccer Coaches Association, having obtained my Level 1 and Level 2 coaching badges previously.


In 1977 I again coached Windsor Athletic Soccer Club (Amateur Premier League) (Perth, WA)


1977 I was invited to take on the role as State Team Coach for the Amateur Soccer Association and formed the inaugural Western Australian Amateur State team in 1977


In 1978 We moved to Queensland


1978 I retired from playing whilst in Queensland and took on the role as Junior Development Coach and Elite Player Development Coach at the Taringa Soccer Club (Professional Club, Queensland).


1979 I returned to Perth and again coached the WA Sate Amateur team to win the Interstate Championships beating NSW in the final that year.


1980 -1986 I coached my son's junior soccer team at Gosnells City Soccer Club. Here I developed my coaching methods using continuous movement and pressure and I found the fast movement and pressure play for junior coaching was very well suited to the youth players and they really enjoyed the sessions, within the first season our junior team had so many players wanting to join the training that the club formed additional teams and other coaches at the club used my session sheets.


1980 -1986 I took up part time administrative duties with the Amateur Soccer Association.


1980 State Team Manager National Titles Sydney NSW (WA Amateur Soccer Association).


1980 Gosnells City Soccer Club U11's


1981 Gosnells City Soccer Club U12's


1982 I was made a Fellow of the Australian Society of Sports Administrators. (FASSA)


1982 Gosnells City Soccer Club U13's


1983 I obtained level 1 Australian Sports Medicine Trainers Certificate.


1983 Gosnells City Soccer Club U14's


1984 I also obtained my Level 3 Senior Coaches Badge.


1984 Gosnells City Soccer Club U15's


1984 I obtained level 2 Australian Sports Medicine Trainers Certificate.


1985 State Team Trainer WA ASA State Tour Hong Kong & Malaysia


1986 I coached the Southern River Soccer Club Junior boys (U16) (Perth, WA)


1986 I was an Academy Coach (Southern Districts) with the Junior Soccer Association of Western Australia.


1986 State Team Trainer WA ASA State Tour Singapore


1987 I was an Academy Coach (Southern Districts) with the Junior Soccer Association of Western Australia.


1988 Interstate amateur fixtures were postponed so Australia could apply for and enter a team in the Olympic Games.


1988 I was an Academy Coach (Southern Districts) with the Junior Soccer Association of Western Australia.


1988 I was made a Life Member Amateur Soccer Association.


1988 State Team Manger WA ASA State Tour Singapore.


1989 State Team Trainer/Ast Coach WA ASA State Tour Singapore.


1989 I was re appointed - State Team Coach for the West Australian Amateur & Social WASSA, State Team (Men's)


1989 State Team Coach WASSA WA South West Tour


1990 State Team Coach WASSA WA v Bunbury City


1991 State Team Coach WASSA WA Bunbury City (Cup)


1992 National Interstate invitation, Runners Up (Melbourne) losing to Northern Territory 1:2  in the final.


1993 The WA State Amateur team played in the Arafura Games played in Darwin NT (mini Olympics for several sports) against interstate teams from Australia and international teams from the Arafura region (Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia etc.) and we Runners Up in our soccer group and finished third overall.


1993 I retired as Men's State Team Coach.



State Team Record (Men)

Played 38 Won 23 Drew 6 Lost 9 Goals For 109 Against 55

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West Australian Women's State Soccer


1990 -1993 I was also appointed State Team Coach for the West Australian Women's State Soccer Team (Senior Women State Team Coach)


During this time I further developed my pressure coaching and started putting together a book of coaching grids;


I also organized live-in coaching camps for the ladies state team and conducted coaching clinics throughout Western Australia.

1991 State Team Coach WAWSA Canberra National Titles


1992 State Team Coach WAWSA Queensland National Titles


1993 State Team Coach WAWSA Western Australia National Titles

In the WA Ladies National Championships we were Runners Up losing to NSW being the highest ever placing for WA in all previous Interstate competitions.


1993 I was awarded West Australian Coach of the Year


1994 I was made a Life Member WAASSA (West Australian Amateur & Social Soccer Association)


2012 I was inducted into The West Australian Soccer Hall of Fame


The Book


My first books were small coaching manuals for club coaches or clinics, and being a keen graphic designer I was always sitting designing my coaching drills and grids for my coaching sessions whilst drawing little players in various colours. As I collected a selection of routines I used and developed them into a coaching pattern based on speed, pressure and continuous movement with maximum player involvement.

scematic pressure




Eventually I had a substantial folder full of coaching sessions, drawings and notes. When I purchased a Macintosh Computer in 1995 I started to convert my notes to text using Microsoft Word© and generating the images using Superpaint© and later Photoshop. As time developed I created over one hundred pages of various training grids along with my little player graphics. These documents, I put onto floppy disks (remember them) and advertised a book which I titled “A New Approach To Coaching Soccer”.


I created a web site in 1997 copyrighted my book and advertised the book under my multimedia company “PIP Multimedia”. The book was sent as email attachments and eventually converted to CD Rom which was packaged and sent to sports shops around Perth, some of which sold out several times.


Through advertising on the web I received several hundred requests for the book on CD so these were sent out around the world, I had a really nice letter from Leeds United whom had purchased the CD in 2000 wrote congratulating me on a good resource.


To all purchasers of “A New Approach To Coaching Soccer “ (thank you) and for the feedback from coaches around the world with such positive reaction to my book it was so nice to receive so I continued to develop the book.


I never ceased publishing my book but the book structure was disjointed so I re-wrote the book putting grids into folders based on a standard coaching session structure:


01 Pre session warm up (25 grids)


02 Ball skills (79 grids)


03 Match practice (72 grids)


04 Game (27 grids)


05 Warm down (5 grids)


I also wrote grids for Assessment and Fitness (17 grids), Fun & Game Grids (9 grids) and Set Pieces (21 grids), eventually writing over two hundred grids.


Whilst doing this I upgraded the graphics added another fifty or so grids and created animated sequences of the grids for the CD version, (not available on the web site). I decided to release the book free from 2010.


I retired from being a high school teacher in 2010 and I again looked at my book and decided that now was the time to modernize it and bring it up to date, so I added a folder of coaching tools including spreadsheets for player records, planning weekly sessions, how to create fixtures, how to create a cup draw etc. and put these into a new folder called Coaching Tools, (20 grids) I improved the graphics (although you may still see some of the old graphics somewhere in the book, and I made grids specific to Tackling, Dribbling etc.


I re-named the book because it now had the feel of a resource handbook so now it was called “The Essential Soccer Coaches Handbook” and was available as a web based resource which was offered free to all soccer coaches.


I included a set of 26 weeks of ready to use coaching sessions from all the Level Sessions and have a 26 week set for the four levels of skill that are listed, Level 1 Junior, Level 2 Youth/Ladies, Level 3 Club and Level 4 Semi-Pro. There is even a set of 26 weeks using every grid created called all sessions.


I would base this resource as a beginners guide to coaching soccer so that coaches have a coaching portfolio which they can build on and use immediately and then develop the grids to whatever level they wish to attain, written in Word you can modify and change the grids to suit your team and coaching needs.


Final I effectively created a 3rd Edition but I have not continued the animated grids and this was titled "Soccer  Coaches Handbook" so I decided to continue to release it free to any soccer coach who finds the site, I know there are some web sites that are carrying copies of my old book snaffled from the web which they will happily sell to you, so if you have made it to this site, the book is yours free subject to recognition of the author , and terms of use and the web site is copyright free.


If you can use the grids and it helps develop soccer then that is all I expect, I do not advertise or ask for subscriptions so please enjoy, please email me if you find any broken links.



Peter J Faulks


Peter J Faulks BA Soc. Sci, Grad Dip Ed (secondary), WACO (Western Australian College of Teaching) , FASSA (Fellow of the Australian Society of Sports Administrators)





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